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Your site really saved my GPA and increased my understanding of accounting substantially. Bailey, Fall 2016
I could not have finished this course without your help. I really appreciate how concise you are with your words and how you take the time to create clear visuals when explaining concepts. Emma, Fall 2016
You saved me in accounting and I made an A! Liz, Fall 2016
I honestly don't think I would've been able to pass financial without your help. With finals coming up, I feel very confident with accounting and I never thought I would! So again, thank you for all your help! Claire, Fall 2016
Your videos are the real deal. They have helped so much and I appreciate you. Clayton, Fall 2016
The videos were clear and easy to understand and the breakdown into short simple videos was nice. That way you weren't having to watch an hour long lecture when all you needed was 5 minutes of information. Kyle, Spring 2016
Completely changed the way I understood Accounting. These videos got me through the class! Nathan, Spring 2016
I wanna say thank you very much for doing the videos. I just got my grade and I made an A in accounting, and I must say I owe it to you and your videos. Daniel, Spring 2016
Your website led me to what will hopefully (final grades haven't been posted) be an A in accounting. I told everyone I know taking the class next semester to not waste their money on the tutoring services and to go to your site. Monte, Spring 2016
I stopped going to class after the second test and pretty much just watched your chapter videos. Ryan, Spring 2016
Did not go to class at all for the last exam, learned everything from your videos. Thank you! Jimmy, Spring 2016
It definitely helped me make sense of the last couple chapters before the final when things in class started going over my head. I like that you use visuals and diagrams as well as going through examples. The visual for the breakdown of authorized stock is an example of one I found extremely helpful. Caitlin, Spring 2016
These videos alone helped me get a B in accounting this semester. I didn't go to class at all. Thanks so much! Natalia, Spring 2016
Thanks for making this site, it came in clutch for every exam. Lane, Spring 2016
This website helped me pass the class, which is a miracle. The videos were easier for me to understand than the textbook, my tutor, and my professor. Claire, Fall 2016
Your site is the reason I did so well in accounting! I wish I had something like that for my economics classes! Good work! Katie C., Spring 2016
You are awesome, and I so wish I would have found you at the beginning of the semester Katie K., Spring 2016
I cannot even tell you how helpful your videos were to me when learning this material. I just got my grade back on my first test and I got an A. I don't think my grade would have been that high without your videos. Sean, Fall 2015
Thank you so much for the videos you put together. They are a tremendous help and I really appreciate all that you do! Conner, Fall 2015
Got an A in this course thanks to your videos! 10/10 would recommend to next classes to get the membership. Definitely worth it. Thanks Aaron. Juan, Fall 2016

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