acct209 at Texas A&M
Got it! Thanks for sharing! I'll take a look at it and post it soon. Feel free to upload another if you'd like. (You'll have to refresh the page)

- Aaron
Don't worry, this isn't like Koofers, StudyBlue, or Course Hero. Those sites are the worst. Anything you upload here will be freely available for everyone else to download. I'm not going to take your materials and then charge other people to download them. I hate that crap.

Please upload a file

Got it! Thanks

Uh oh, that didn't work. Sorry

Heads up! Your files won't show up right away. I check them all first to make sure spambots aren't uploading junk. Also, sometimes if a PDF is fuzzy I'll remake it in Word so it's nice and clean. That takes a bit of time.